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Contursi Terme

110 km.

public transportation:
train or bus

average trip:
approx. 1h40 min.

How to get there

TRENITALIA offers various options for getting to Contursi Terme by rail, either direct or with a change at Salerno or Battipaglia. Journey times from Napoli Centrale station average 90 – 110 minutes. SITA have buses that go to Contursi, some directly from Naples and others that require a change at Salerno or Battipaglia.

The UNICO tickets

To reach Contursi from Naples you need to buy an UNICOCAMPANIA Zone U7 ticket.

A little history

Contursi Terme is a famous spa and tourism centre, renowned since the first century AD. Pliny the Elder first described the extraordinary properties of the thermal waters in this charming area, which are also mentioned by Virgil, Strabo and Silvio Italico. Situated in once volcanically active section of the Valle del Sele (River Sele Valley), there are hillside springs of sulphurous, carbonic, lithic, alkaline and boric waters that are used for baths, mud treatments and aerosol and mineral water therapies. The town developed in the shadow of its castle, on a hilltop (180m a.s.l.) that dominates the valley. Several churches merit a visit, amongst them the Chiesa della Madonna delle Grazie, situated in the upper part of the town, and a Marian sanctuary with an altar dedicated to Santa Filomena (the martyr who saved the population from the plague in 1656). At the foot of the hill that protects the town, the river Sele flows past, its beautiful banks covered with tall vegetation and, just a short distance downstream, its confluence with the Tanagro river is strikingly attractive.

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