the consortium / about us

An innovative idea that keeps growing.  This, in a nutshell, is the UNICOCAMPANIA Consortium, the organization that manages of the integrated farecard system for the Region of Campania.
This large-scale project was built in small steps with one common aim: to offer passengers a single, “UNICO” ticket that would give them full access to the area's public-transportation network.
Before this consolidation, the region awash in a sea – an ocean! - of passes, tickets and different types of fares.  If you placed all the tickets and passes printed before 1994 end to end, they would have circled the world thousands of times.  The result?  Public transportation seen as last-resort transportation.  

Then, an idea – pure genius.

Why not simplify the system, grouping the entire transportation network into a single, affordable ticket?
And so UNICOCAMPANIA was born, with the slogan: “rails and roads, all in one ticket,” a motto that over the years has become a reality.

The companies

14 public transport companies - AIR, ANM, BUONOTOURIST, BUSITALIA Campania, CIAV, CLP, COSAT, CTI/ATI, CTP, DAV, EAV, SITA, TRENITALIA e TROTTA BUS SERVICE - to travel all around Campania.