discover campania / ercolano


13 km.

public transportation:
bus or circumvesuviana

average trip:
approx. 20 min.

How to get there

From Naples the CIRCUMVESUVIANA railway offers the most direct route, with two stations in the modern-day town of Ercolano. One, ERCOLANO-SCAVI, is located near to the Herculaneum archaeological site; the other - ERCOLANO-MIGLIO D’ORO – is more convenient when visiting the villas on the main coastal thoroughfare. Average journey time from Piazza Garibaldi around 20 minutes. You can also get to Ercolano on the TRENITALIA railway, although the station is more out of the way, and on various bus services run by ANM and EAVBUS.

The UNICO tickets

To reach Ercolano from Naples you need to buy an UNICOCAMPANIA Zone U2 ticket.

A little history

Ercolano, at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, is rich in history: the Roman city of Herculaneum was destroyed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, when it was covered with a huge mass of mud, ash and other eruptive materials swept along by rain water which penetrated every opening and then solidified into a compact hard layer some 15-20 metres deep, both submerging and crystallising the life of the industrious city. A visit to the ruins of Herculaneum is therefore a leap back in time, and one finds oneself in the midst of a colonial Roman city, much prized by its cultivated and well-to-do citizens. The remains are so well conserved, and so fascinating, that they have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997. But Ercolano is also famous for its Miglio d’Oro (Golden Mile), the beautiful coastline along which the splendid Vesuvian villas were built in the early 18th century: Villa Campolieto, Villa Favorita, Villa Aprile, Villa Battisti.

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